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Wellness is "the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health." - The Global Wellness Institute.

Wellness is “an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.” - National Wellness Institute.

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Wellness and Its realm: the Nine Dimensions of Wellbeing

There are nine dimensions of wellness. All are interrelated and equally important for the pursuit of optimum health and happiness. When you understand the true meaning and value of every dimension and try to optimize it, only then can you achieve complete wellbeing.

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Creating and Maintaining a Healthy Home

A healthy home goes far beyond having a place to rest your head and providing shelter from the elements. Look at your overall well-being, your budget for a new house or renovations, and the healthy materials that are now available. That will help you make informed choices that will better protect your health and anyone who steps foot in your home.

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Spiritual Wellness for Guiding Your Life

It can take a bit of soul-searching to find your spiritual wellness. For some people, it comes naturally, but others have to dig deeper. By putting in the time, thought, and effort, you can determine what spiritual wellness means to you and get started on that path. Your overall health and happiness should improve, and you may feel more centered than you ever have before.

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Why Physical Wellness is so Important + 6 Ways to Incorporate it Into Your Life

Supporting optimal wellness involves a multi-step approach — healthy eating, regular exercise, and good mental health. By optimizing the three components of physical wellness, you may be on your way to feeling like your healthiest version.

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Emotional Wellness Is an Integral Part of Health

When you are more in touch with your emotions, you don’t suppress them and realize they flow and ebb like the tides. You’ll be in a much healthier state of mind if you put in the work to monitor your emotional health. Make sure to put yourself first sometimes and to surround yourself with good people, and the rest will fall into place.

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Occupational Wellness

Now, more than ever, we need this branch of wellness. After a novel virus invaded the nations incapacitating populations, the wellbeing of workers and employees shifted from being an added value and turned into a necessity. No matter what your field of work is, an effective plan can be developed and properly implemented: you just need to validate its necessity and have the will to abide by it.

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Avoid Stress by Making Financial Wellness a Priority

Your life will be so much happier, healthier, and richer – both in terms of dollars and experiences – if you take responsibility for your financial wellness. You won’t worry as much. You’ll have less friction with others. You’ll finally feel in charge of your own life and destiny. And that’s something you can’t put a price tag on.

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How Intellectual Wellness Can Improve Your Life

Usually in life, you have to risk something to get great rewards. With intellectual wellness, though, you don’t have to step too far outside your comfort zone to see improvements. There are a number of small everyday steps you can take to bulk up your brain power. Make it a priority, and watch how it helps your mind.

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Social Wellness Is Critical to Your Overall Health

Having a good friend is a reward all in itself. But there are perks that go beyond the thrill of having someone to catch a movie with on occasion. You can substantially improve your mental and physical health just by being more socially active – and you may even live longer because of it.

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Become Healthier While Protecting the Planet with Environmental Wellness

Even by taking small steps, you can make a meaningful contribution to the health of the planet. Just by saving 20 gallons of water per day, for instance, you can save 7,300 gallons per year. And if nine other people do the same, you’ve collectively saved 73,000 gallons of water in a year. That’s a great start.

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What Causes Radon Gas in Homes?

So many health issues are out of your hands, but lung cancer caused by radon gas isn’t one of them. A simple test and some not-so-expensive fixes can protect your health and the health of your loved ones for years to come.

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Wellness Quotes

Wellness is "the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health."

The Global Wellness Institute

Wellness is “an active process through which people become aware of, and make choices toward, a more successful existence.”

National Wellness Institute

"On average, we spend about 90 percent of our time indoors, where pollutant levels are often higher than those outside. Indoor pollution is estimated to cause thousands of cancer deaths and hundreds of thousands of respiratory health problems each year. In addition, hundreds of thousands of children have experienced elevated blood lead levels resulting from their exposure to indoor pollutants."

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

"The average person spends 65 percent of their entire life inside their home. Your home is your health. It's that simple."

The Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

"The built environment can promote healthy environments and behaviors, as well as mitigate adverse health outcomes. Air quality, social equity, community cohesion, physical safety, transportation choices, traffic-related crashes, water quality, access to healthy foods, physical activity levels, access to nature, and daylight levels all influence public health."

The National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine

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